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Pudding Time! Archives: stork

Father's Day
I couldn't have asked for a better Father's Day: woken up to breakfast in bed and an only mildly cranky Benjamin, then a trip to...
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When Development Editors are Forced to Improvise
Baby books suck: " [...] apparently, the target market for this book is newborn dads who need to be told that fucking the babysitter is...
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Your New Human Body: Section 2.1 : The Hand
Saturday was a milestone day for Ben: He turned three months old, which we took as excuse enough to quietly celebrate the calendric end...
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Easter Greetings
"Easter greetings" from Cardinal Ben of Portlandia....
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Ben and the Gom Jabbar
Ben got some shots this morning. The nurse they sent in to administer the shots was the most leathery, ancient nurse I've ever seen. I...
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Eight Good Things
One more baby-blog entry as the weekend wraps up: In the midst of all the "what's he know and how does he know it...
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Tabula Somethin'-or-'nother
Ben wants Phil to know there is no spoon. One thing I skipped over in last night's entry is probably the most interesting part...
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Good Advices
Time for some babyblogging: Routines We've got something that kind of looks like a routine now, so I think I'm going to jinx it by...
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Daddy's Little Nerd
Some of the fine editors at Jupitermedia were surprised and disappointed to learn that we were not going to be naming Ben "Linux" or...
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Peeking Through Other Peoples' Windows
I was looking on Google for information about swaddling a baby, perhaps with too general a query, since one of the top hits involved this...
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Our Family Transportation Infrastructure
I'm not precisely clear on whether this thing is for pushing a baby around the neighborhood or carting fissionables to their undisclosed locations under...
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We brought Ben home last night at about 6:30. Sue brought us dinner, which absolutely ruled, then stayed with Al while I went out...
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Guardian... Entity
I'm not sure who this is, but he occupies a small alcove in the entrance to the maternity ward at the hospital. And now I'm...
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All Ben, All the Time
There's a much more involved tale to tell at some point in the next few days, but for now the short and sweet is...
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Benjamin Arthur Dunfee Hall
Benjamin Arthur Dunfee Hall was born on Saturday morning around 3:30 a.m. He weighs 10 lbs., 4 oz. and he's 22" long. Mom and...
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A Quick Observation
Another week, another midwife visit. The thing I learned at the one we went to yesterday was that any desire I might have to be...
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I, Nerd
Contraction Timer is a piece of Palm software that, well, times contractions. For women in labor. So add the Palm to the list of encumbrances...
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This is the last entry from Stork, which was going to be a "babyblog." I decided to drop it, so I moved the entries over...
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Hope, Counterhope
Six months into Alison's pregnancy, and I'm still in the grips of a "conserve hope" frame of mind. Putting anything on a page somewhere seemed like a really bad idea -- an expenditure of forebearance from the people upstairs.
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For those joining in who haven't seen the other site, here's an entry from Stork, which is getting rolled into Puddingtime! -mph Sitting around on...
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