Michael P. Hall                                          4805 SE Yamhill Street
                                                            Portland, OR  97215

Work Experience

  Managing Editor
  Linux Today, Crossnodes, Linux Planet (09/00 - present)

      Used technical knowledge of Linux and basic networking to assist
      writers in the production of polished, professional content for a
      technical audience composed of networking and server administration
      professionals.  Edited and wrote articles on a variety of topics,
      including network management, operating system software, security,
      network standards and protocols, and system management software.

      Managed a monthly budget of $5000.

      Installed and operated a wide variety of operating system and
      applications software including security administration and system
      management tools for the purpose of writing software reviews.

      Tracked and reported on security vulnerabilities for a wide
      array of Linux/UNIX software

  Database Administrator/Support Technician
  Charlottesville High School, Charlottesville VA (12/97 - 09/00)

      Maintained and operated a specialized relational database (SASI).
      Assisted network and server administration team with maintenance of a
      Netware-based LAN in support of over 120 Macintosh and IBM-compatible
      computers.  Provided technical support to end users in the form of
      troubleshooting, maintenance, and basic repair of computer systems.
      Produced and published documentation.  Developed a data conversion
      method that saved the school district in excess of $2500 in third-
      party data conversion fees.  Developed vertical applications using
      Visual Basic to ease access to the school database for the
      administrative team.  Performed basic user and group administration
      tasks under Netware.  Documented and made recommendations for security

  Training and Operations Manager
  United States Army Signal Corps,  (01/94 - 01/98)

      Provided administrative, operational, and logistical support to an
      airborne communications company.  Wrote a custom database application
      using Microsoft Access that was later adopted for personnel management
      in several NATO units.  Acted as unit computer security specialist,
      ensuring Department of Defense information security system regulations
      were observed.  Assisted in the development of mobile command center
      that allowed command staff to better utilize computer equipment in
      field environments.  Developed a unit communications system
      maintenance plan and managed unit-level maintenance for a variety of
      communications equipment including FM and mobile subscriber (cellular)
      radios. Supervised four personnel, providing monthly evaluations.

      Held a Secret Security Clearance.

  Press Operator/Assistant System Administrator
  Indiana University (04/91 - 12/93)

      Operated a Xerox Docutech Imaging System and assisted in the
      administration of a SunOS-based server, providing networked job
      queuing to three Xerox Docutechs.  Provided basic technical support to
      staff members in the user of IBM-compatible computers, including
      instruction in software and basic network communications.


  Operating Systems

    Linux: Use and administration of a variety of Linux-based
    operating systems including Red Hat (4.2 - 7.3), Debian GNU/Linux
    (2.0 - 3.0), SuSE (7.x, 8.x), Linux-Mandrake (5.x - 8.x), Gentoo
    Linux (1.x)

    Windows 32: Use and basic maintenance of Microsoft Windows (3.x,
    95, 98, 98SE, ME, XP Personal)

    MacOS: Use and basic maintenance of MacOS (9.2, 10)

    Netware:  Basic user and group administration (4.x)

  Services Software

    University of Washington IMAPD 2000, sendmail, Apache 1.3, NFS, Samba,
    exim, xinetd, netatalk, lpd, lprng, CUPS, procmail

  Client/End User Software

      E-mail: Outlook 2000, Outlook Express, Eudora 5, PINE, mutt, UNIX
      mail, SquirrelMail (installation, configuration), Evolution.

      Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, links, Lynx

      Office/Productivity Applications: Microsoft Office 2000,
      OpenOffice/StarOffice, LaTeX, Emacs,

      Administration Tools:  ssh, vi, Webmin, Snort

     Able to read and debug basic Perl, Python, Bourne Shell, and sed
     scripts.  Comfortable automating basic tasks with shell scripts.  Able
     to read and write HTML, including use of cascading style sheets.

Publication Credits
     The Joy of Linux
     Prima Tech, 2001

     Co-Author of a book centered around the use and cultural history of
     the Linux kernel and associated operating systems.

     Linux Planet, Instant Messaging Plant, 802.11 Planet
     Linux/Open Source Channel, Earthweb (04/00 - Present)

     Wrote a number of articles pertinent to Linux and UNIX use and
     administration by network and systems management professionals,

           "Protecting Your Linux System with FireStarter and Storm
           Firewall" , Linux Planet

           "Penguins Over the Wires: X Servers for Windows", Linux Planet

           "802.11 Planet: WiFi and the Penguin: Setting Up 802.11b Under
	   Linux", 802.11 Planet
           http://www.80211- planet.com/columns/article/0,4000,1781_945271,00.html

           "Build Your Own Instant Messaging Solution with Jabber", Instant
           Messaging Planet