January 28, 2003

Still Here

Well, as luck would have it, I'm still in McMurdo. Bad luck because it means I'm not touring around New Zealand, good luck because I like it here and perhaps over the next few days I can actually get caught up on blog entries.

Right now, it's sunny and warm in McMurdo. I feel like we haven't seen that beautiful glowing ball for weeks. Last week, we had a lovely snow and wind storm, which was reminiscent of times on Erebus (the wind) and snows back home. The snow storms on Erebus were quite different, because we could never tell if the snow was coming from the sky or being whipped up off the ground. Here in McMurdo, the snow was definately coming from the sky, in flakes. Very nice.

But, the sun is quite welcome. It stepped out of the clouds early yesterday afternoon, and seems pretty happy to be back. I'm happy to have it. In fact, because of the sun, one of the best things ever happended yesterday.

I threw frisbee.

I was walking along from Point A to Point B, and there were some folks throwing the disc around. I didn't even have to ask for it. It just came to me. I was in a t-shirt and sunglasses, in the sun, throwing frisbee in Antarctica. And I was happy.

The rest has to wait until after lunch. It's noon, and I missed breakfast, and I'm hungry. Being hungry is not the same as being happy.

In the meantime, you can check out R.K.'s website for another take on Erebus stories and for some fabulous pictures:


Posted by beth at January 28, 2003 10:52 AM | TrackBack

you got bumped from the flight? did you say "darn" or was it "yippee"? you've got a good thing going for you down there. field work and fun opportunities that take you to awesome sights of things the rest of us only dream about (penguins in their natural habitat, ice breakers actually being ice breakers, helicopter rides, etc.). my eyes are getting greener. also, greatly enjoyed checking out r.k.'s website!!!

Posted by: wilma, mother of beth on January 29, 2003 10:30 AM

Summer in the tropics it sounds like down there. Frisbee on the white sand beaches and all... good stuff.

Hey Beth, I realize you are going to be on the road for awhile, but my mom is putting together some stuff from that other trip you took awhile ago, into that big ditch in the southwestern part of the US, and needs an address to send some stuff to... where should it go? or should I have her hold onto it all?

Wish I were there.


Posted by: Clark Youmans on January 30, 2003 10:41 AM

Tossing the disc. Whoa! So, what's next? Do you go away for good - no more iceblog? Are you setting up a Maori-blog?

Posted by: Bill Miller on January 31, 2003 06:01 AM
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