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November 22, 2006


Hey there,

Posting has been thin and sporadic here lately, and rather than hurl myself back into the breach, I've decided it's time to take an extended break and maybe come back next year with a different approach, or at least a broader focus. I do have other interests besides politics. Is it the end of PuddingTime? Could be, could be....

Why the time is now, or what that new approach might be, I can't say for sure. I'm not depressed, dejected, or disaffected. Just feeling a little dried up and uninspired. Mostly I'm just glad the election is over, and feeling pretty busy at home, at work, and with this band I'm in, and I could stand to finish out the year without the distraction and obligation of keeping things going here at PuddingTime.

Thanks as ever to Michael Hall for his support and encouragement, and thanks to everyone for reading. Feel free and invited to contact me at kitchel66@msn.com, especially if you'd like to be informed whenever we get something new going.

Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate,


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