Note: If your pad name contains non-alphanumeric characters such as apostrophes or quotation marks, it may cause voodoo2palm to fail. Please remove those from your voodoopad names before running voodoo2palm. I'll fix that in the next release. Thanks to Liese Schneider for finding that bug and helping me figure it out. -mph

Latest News

Version 1.0.1 fixes a stupid bug that caused the script to halt after failing to find ~/.plucker. Download it here or just open a terminal window and enter the command:

mkdir ~/.plucker

Thanks to Jim McCarthy of Pocket Anywhere Magazine for catching that.

What It Is

voodoo2palm is a script that converts a VoodooPad document (a 'pad) into a Palm-readable Plucker document. Though you can't edit the 'pad, you can at least take it with you, and its hyperlinks remain intact.

How It Works

voodoo2palm is a droplet. You put it wherever you want, then drag a 'pad onto it. It will process the 'pad and drop a Palm-ready .pdb document named after your 'pad on your Desktop. You can usually doubleclick the .pdb document to make it ready for loading into your Palm.

What Else You Need

voodoo2palm uses Plucker to make your 'pads Palm-readable. You'll need to install the Plucker Viewer for your particular Palm device before trying to read your 'pad on your Palm. I've included a folder with the hi- and lo-res English versions of the Plucker Viewer in the "Plucker Viewers" folder. You can download versions in other languages at:

What Else You Might Want to Know

voodoo2palm is a script bundle. If it doesn't work for you, you can always unpack the bundle and drag the script (located at somewhere useful and drag the PyPlucker folder (located at to your Applications folder.

Edit the main.scpt file and uncomment the line after:

--If you're using Voodoo2Palm as a plain AppleScript, uncomment this line:

and comment out the line after:

If you're using Vooodo2Palm as an app bundle, uncomment this line:

You'll also want to be aware that voodoo2palm creates a folder in your Documents folder called "voodoo2palm." This is where it puts exported 'pads before converting them to Plucker documents. I've chosen to leave the directory in place rather than removing it at the end of a run because I have a use for the outputted HTML elsewhere and because I've got an aversion to writing anything that actually deletes something then giving it to someone else. Everyone who knows me shares the same, sensible aversion.

Other Solutions to the Same Problem

If you're not interested in running voodoo2palm for whatever reason, or if HTML content on your Palm seems generally appealing, there are at least two workable solutions for OS X. I settled on using Plucker because it's Free (as in speech and beer) and because it was easy to script with it using PyPlucker.

There's an entire desktop application for OS X available at

Additionally, there's iSilo, which does a slightly nicer job of rendering right out of the box, but costs $19.99 after a 30 day trial. The unregistered version of iSilo (after the initial 30 day trial period) doesn't handle hyperlinks, making it useless for VoodooPad. You can learn about how to produce your own iSilo-compatible files at

Finally, there's also SiteScooper.

I haven't used it, but it looks like it could provide an easy drop-in replacement for Plucker.


voodoo2palm isn't much, so do what you will with it. If you fix something, please let me know what you fixed so I can improve it.

Be aware that voodoo2palm includes a distribution of PyPlucker, the Python Plucker distiller. PyPlucker is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL), which you can read about in the COPYING file that accompanies the script. The Plucker Viewers are also released under the GPL. For more information, be sure to read the documents in the "Plucker Information and License" folder.

The VoodooPad logo is used with the generous permission of Flying Meat.