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"mph" is Michael Hall, the puddingbowl.org webmaster/maintainer.

He lives in Portland, Oregon and does this and that, including writing a regular enterprise Unix column for ServerWatch, acting as managing editor of Crossnodes, and hanging out with his family. You can find out a hair bit more and also retrieve his public GnuPG key at www.puddingbowl.org/mph.php. Ask him about scoop.

Mail: mph@puddingbowl.org
AIM: pdxmph
Yahoo!: pdxyeti


Phil Kitchel Phil Kitchel is a husband, father, musician, writer, and editor in Indianapolis. He likes punk rock, jazz, and baseball. He is a Cancer, 1966.

His drink? A gin martini.

Mail: phil@puddingbowl.org