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October 25, 2002

Unsafe at any speed

Posted by Mike on October 25, 2002 3:46 PM

I reflexively don't like SUVs, but outside not being able to a.) see around them, b.) understand their "utility" in a city where it's mostly flat and there's not a lot of parking space, or c.) relish the thought of one coming up through the windshield of my normal-sized car, I don't think about it much or talk about it, either. I also hate the cars with the "one less SUV" bumperstickers people drive four blocks to the grocery store.

All that aside, Salon has an interview with the author of High and Mighty, which goes into a ton of detail on SUVs and what they mean in terms of safety, the economy, and the people who buy them. If you're an SUV-hater, this'll reinforce your preconceptions. Others will no doubt figure out a reason to accuse the author of closet socialism or anti-Americanism.