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November 30, 2002

You're Right... The Sky's Not Falling... But...

Posted by Mike on November 30, 2002 12:59 AM

O.k. It's fashionable in some circles to carry on about John Ashcroft sucking and all our precious freedom going down the tubes because that's what we do when the wrong people (or Janet Reno) are in power.

But as much as it's good to keep the rhetoric toned down until our ducks are in a row, it means something to me when Nat Henthoff calls the current state of affairs an "Orwellian monster" and William Safire calls Admiral Poindexter a "ring-knocking master of deceit". Privacy Digest notes that Safire's being read into the Congressional record by Republicans and Democrats.

Because it entertains me, and because I never moved it over from the other site, here's the Office of Information Awareness logo:

Henthoff points to a burgeoning movement of "Bill of Rights Defense Committees" forming around the country that are standing in direct defiance of AG Ashcroft, and notes that there's even a national organizing Web site.

For light comic relief, there's some Flash to keep you entertained.

Henthoff via TalkLeft