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December 11, 2002

Always With the "Lingo"

Posted by Mike on December 11, 2002 3:01 PM
To some, it's a creative twist on dialogue, and a new, harmless version of teen slang. But to anxious grammarians and harried teachers, it's the linguistic ruin of Generation IM (instant messenger).

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for another "kids say things funny!" bit about "teen lingo" in the chatrooms. I'd like the word "lingo" stricken from the English language, please.

All you really need to know about the subject is contained in Brittney Cleary's late, lamented IM Me. Young Brittney, by the way, has been purchased by Jive Records, and had her name changed to Nikki for her. They know what a hot property they have in her song, so they've got it hidden away somewhere. I found it in the clutches of an evil genius. No doubt my duplication will register in the RIAA's database as another lost $0.89 by the time all eight of you download it.