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December 25, 2002

Mad Max

Posted by Mike on December 25, 2002 8:14 PM

So, in the future, in the time before everybody looks like a member of Loverboy and gets their own androgynous bike punk, the highways are only sort of safe. Safe enough that even though all your tough biker and cop friends have been maimed or killed on them, you'll take your family out on a road trip since that might get them killed by evil bikers so you can go on a rampage of revenge and mayhem, anyhow. More importantly, they're safe enough that our hero, Max, will survive to make the much more entertaining Road Warrior, which goes to eleven.

The special edition DVD has the original Australian dialog (not the stupid "so... your... rabbit... kungfu... is pretty... good... huh huh..." dubbing they did to market the movie in the US). We sat with fingers poised over the subtitle button on the DVD player expecting to need it, but we didn't... it sounds fine and it's much less distracting.

You don't necessarily watch this one to watch it, though the stunts are good and it's fun with beer and popcorn... you watch it because you're getting ready to watch The Road Warrior and you want to get the whole schlamiel, and because if you're going to watch two Mad Max movies in a single sitting, one of them better not be Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome