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December 25, 2002

New OroborOSX Release

Posted by Mike on December 25, 2002 5:19 PM

OroborOSX 0.8.5 was released for Christmas. It's the first update in a while. Includes some fairly cool stuff like basic drag-and-drop (so I can, f'rinstance, drag an Excel-created file from the Finder onto OroborOSX's icon in the dock and launch Gnumeric).

OroborOSX , by the way, provides a rootless X Window desktop over the top of the standard OS X Aqua GUI, and provides window decorations for the X Window apps that make it fit seamlessly with standard Aqua apps. Keeps the GIMP and gnumeric running, mostly, though Evolution isn't far from ready, either... Aaron Weber has built it, anyhow.