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December 2, 2002


Posted by Mike on December 2, 2002 10:38 PM
Sven's back with an essay on Adult Supremacism.
Adult supremacism is an ideology. It is the set of ideas, the belief system, that rationalizes how adults continue to treat youth. Most people don't even give it conscious thought. They agree with adult supremacy by default rather than by choice. Adult supremacism has been built into our institutions and handed down as tradition, so it seems like it's just how the world works, like it's nature. Other individuals are more outspoken about their dislike of youth or belief that parents should be strict disciplinarians. These people are bigots -- but don't make the mistake of thinking that only aberrant individuals are supremacist. The entire society is saturated in adult supremacism; the bigots are just more vocal about their support of the system.

There's not much arguing with the essential material conditions facing youth that Sven identifies: youth are clearly not fully enfranchised. Other assertions will prove more troubling. It looks to be the kickoff of an interesting ride.