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January 12, 2003

A Little Too MADD?

Posted by Mike on January 12, 2003 6:20 PM

TalkLeft says MADD is out of control and needs to be ridiculed rather than debated. If MADD's morphing into a gang of prohibitionists, I'm all for ridiculing it, too.

On the other hand, TalkLeft's chosen source, DUIGulag is offputtingly fond of grainy pictures of Stalin and Hitler, and has a weird way of using the word "only" in conjunction with phrases like "3,803 fatalities."


I have been reading your articles and they are right on. I have always been a firm believer that our rights are being eroded. But the method is brainwashing by first convincing people that their agenda is for the safety of the people, as with Madd, then villianizing the even the social drinker and destroying their constitutional rights, totally, and without mercy.

What a horrible organization. It is destroying lives and especially the young. I am 52 years old and thinking of suicide. I was stopped going to the store for milk after drinking some wine. You would think I just put a gun to someone's head (of course this is what Madd equates it with). I cannot believe this. No rights. Double jeopardy. Here is the story if you have time to read it. I don't know what to do. I know what is happening, in schools (they are modern day prisons), to ALL of our rights including bearing arms, the fear people have of joining any political organization and now I have heard that the IRS can have jailed those who are tax dissenters, and so on and so on and so on.... Anyway, here's what happened:

The new mandatory laws FOR DRINKING are horrible. (I have not had a drink in nearly 13 years so all these new laws and Madd I have just not been paying attention to, just minding my own business...). About six months ago I decided to drink some wine after work, one evening, when I was stressed to the max. I am a truck driver and start driving at 2:30am, NEVER drink while working, only after work, perhaps two or three nights a week. One night, after work, I drank some wine, realized I was out of milk, and decided to go to the store. I got stopped on the way because I turned right on a red where and a no turn on red sign was placed....(it is a trap. The light itself is three times as long as any other light then the sign was placed and then the police sit on a side street just to catch people and write tickets. Not what the police used to do when I was a kid). Now my life is over. They made me do incredible things on the side of the road for the whole world to see, walk a line, stand on one foot, say abc's, count forward and backward, do finger tests, follow a little red light, all with flashing lights and a spotlight. Made me blow into a machine and told me if I didn't I would receive six points on my license. All this AFTER he called another officer to come in another car with more flashing lights and a video camera. I begged for mercy, please let me go, but I was handcuffed and taken to jail, pockets emptied, frisked down, picture taken, like I cannot even describe. My license was DESTROYED, and now because of MADD, even though this is my FIRST OFFENSE EVER, I am being treated like a FELON. And, because of mandatory sentencing, my life is over. I was not allowed to stand on any constitutional rights. I had none. I was CONCICTED on the spot, ALL RIGHTS DENIED, NO RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT AND IF I DID I WOULD BE PENALIZED FOR IT. TO RIGHT TO CALL AN ATTORNEY, NO RIGHT TO BE SAFE IN MY PERSON, NOR EFFECTS, LICENSE WAS DESTROYED AND WITHOUT BEFORE EVEN BEING CHARGED.....

My company told me they could no longer take me back. The insurance company will now use my misfortune to pad their pocketbooks. The state has imposed outrageous fines (constitution is supposed to protect us from excessive bail, fines, cruel and unusual punishment....destroying a person only source of income is not cruel and unusual?) and now I need an attorney and all this BEFORE I AM EVEN CONVICTED OF A SINGLE THING!!!

What did I do wrong? Go to the store? "They" think because some statistics show that some people who drink WAY TOO MUCH, MIGHT get into a fatal car accident. I knew I could drive (I was under what is known to be "drunk"...a .15 but Madd's agenda is to keep it self perpetuating and not interested in getting the drunk off the road, just anyone who drinks so they can continue receiving their fat paychecks, of which the head, gets $170,000/yr) and knew I could get back without a problem. I was less than a quarter mile from my home. But ok, I will not ever do that again, but there are no second chances. I have talked to many who have had their lives altered and bank accounts drained yet none like me. They can still go to their jobs and work but a CDL holder gets only one license.

I worked hard to get that license. I have worked hard since I was 24 years old (I am 52 now) to live a good and decent life and in one swipe I am cast aside like a piece of garbage, good for nothing but to pad pocketbooks and use as a meal ticket for lawmakers, and the state and the city and the insurance companies and the attorney's. THIS IS BIG BUSINESS FOR THE STATES.

This is a NIGHTMARE. I will lose my children. My mother depends on me for extra money and takes care of her alzheimer's husband. My company will not take me back and the insurance company for my truck will cancel me (I am an owner/operator), yet even if by some miracle they did (but I just received a letter which states there is no way the company can keep anyone who gets anything on their license, involving alcohol, I would still have to go through a SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM.....(I DO NOT take drugs) for them, not to mention, for the "state", a MADD program, community service, AA, OUTRAGEOUS FINES, and then be fed to the insurance companies who are feasting on these new laws. The state then only allows me to drive when they say I can and not even to the store.


I guess I was living like I was in my twenties, thinking the police were on my side. But when that officer pulled me over, he lit up like a Christmas tree, I was a big fish for him, I couldn't believe it. I was a non person, he didn't hear me at all. I was a feather in his cap, a promotion or something. It was horrible.

Fascism is described as when there is a strong adherence to "the law" (which are being made and passed by the legislature without regard to the citizen and their rights but only to satisfy the most prevailing, self-serving, political group), the "state" is more important than the individual, though corporations are still privately owned, with a strong federal government.

Sounds like the U.S. to me.

What the hell is going on? There is no mercy for a first time offender. The hammer has come down on me as I was just going along not realizing what has happened in this country.

They have taken my life, my freedom, for one single thing which has not even, as yet, been proven!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am out of my mind and having serious suicidal thoughts. I don't do anything but work and take care of my kids and my mom. I cannot believe this. I just cannot believe this.


If the laws of today were in force 25 years ago, an entire generation would be in jail, (which includes those who are passing these laws today), for what, just living? And, I am not referring to just the drinking laws. Plus, what is being done to kids under 21 with this "zero" tolerance is horrible. What, they are not real people with rights????!!!!!

My life is over. I have no way to make an income. Sure, I do realize now I should not have gone out the door, but I thought this government, and it was like this at one time, cared about the results, not just punishing a person. This is more than I can bear. I am guilty of making a mistake, I committed no crime, I hurt no one, I had no evil intentions. This law is dealing with probabilities, not crime. I could have done this or that could have happened, but it didn't. I thought the law was in place to protect us of our rights, not to make laws and throw our constitutional rights out the window.

I am not the only person this organization has systematically destroyed. There are a hate group but has the world convinced they are justified.

This group is just another method the government is using as an avenue to destroy our rights and the constitution. There are billions of drivers and lots of money to be made. And once our rights are gone, and our weapons as well, we are sitting ducks.

MADD is taking away ALL constitutional rights! The social drinker is being treated like a felon and no one is paying attention. People are so brain washed they think this is what honest, hard working people DESERVE!!!

Any comments would be appreciated. darlenej Michigan

see: http://www.ridl.us for more information

Posted by: darlene at December 6, 2003 10:01 AM