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January 29, 2003

Always A Good Time In The Heartland

Posted by Mike on January 29, 2003 12:42 AM

Confronted with a student-requested Gay Students Club, a high school principal first denies the privilege, then changes his mind:

"Dr. Capehart consulted his insurance carrier and says he was told that if the district was found guilty of bias in barring the club, its legal bills would not be covered by insurance. And so in October, he decided to support the club, which began to meet weekly with 10 to 20 students.

"Enter the Rev. Tim York of the Heritage Temple Free Will Baptist Church. Mr. York calls the club 'dangerous.' He says: 'I believe God made male and female. I believe what the Bible says in Romans. I condemn the act of homosexuality.' Mr. York is concerned that the club will be used to turn Boyd students into homosexuals. (Mrs. King, the club sponsor, says she has been prohibited from even saying hello to one student whose parents fear he could be turned gay.)"

So the principal nukes every club in the school ("we had to destroy these student organizations to save them", I guess) then turns up on Bill O'Reilly agreeing that the ACLU is "fascist."

We're just not there yet. Not even close.