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January 7, 2003

'DVD Jon' scores huge legal victory

Posted by Mike on January 7, 2003 7:40 AM

The MPAA thwarted:

"A Norwegian teenager who helped crack a code meant to protect the content of DVDs won full backing from an Oslo court on Tuesday. The court acquitted him on all charges, a ruling that comes as a crushing blow to public prosecutors and entertainment giants.

"Jon Lech Johansen was visibly relieved, and vindicated, after an Oslo court acquitted him in a celebrated computer cracking case.

"The case had been widely described as a 'David vs Goliath' battle, pitting 16-year-old Jon Lech Johansen from a small town south of Oslo against huge corporations and organizations including the Motion Picture Association of America.

"'David' clearly won."

Slashdot has some amplifying discussion, but only if you set your moderation threshold to three or higher.

(Via LinuxToday and many other sites)