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February 20, 2003

Cinema Suits

Posted by Mike on February 20, 2003 7:50 AM

Irritated by the ten minutes worth of ads they have to sit through before a film starts, people are beginning to sue:

"One of the suits was filed by Miriam Fisch, 36, of Evanston, who teaches English and film in Lincolnshire and is Weinberg's former girlfriend. On Feb. 8, she went to see 'The Quiet American'' at Loews' Pipers Alley theater in Chicago. She said she sat through commercials for Coca-Cola, Cingular Wireless, Fandango and one for the NAACP, which delayed the beginning of the movie by four minutes past its advertised starting time.

"Greg Scott, 35, a DePaul University sociology professor from Oak Park, sued Classic Cinemas after he went to see 'The Pianist' Jan. 26 at the Lake Theater in the west suburb. He said he had to sit through three commercials before the movie started.

"Both suits ask for damages of no more than $75 per person. More important, the attorneys who filed them say, is that their clients want the commercials dropped--or they want ads to state the time a movie actually begins, not just when the commercials begin to roll."

There are already grassroots organizations protesting the movie ad flood.

(Via BoingBoing)


I am so glad to hear people are sueing. My husband is so sick of hearing me complain every time we go to the movies. I sit there and say very loadly that I didn't pay $12 to see commericails, I would have stayed home and watched cable TV. which we also pay for that didn't have commercials in the begining. Everyone should scream and yell at the show when the commericials are on or pickett or demand 1/2 your money back. something anything!!!

Posted by: MAGGIE at February 23, 2003 2:08 PM

glad people are suing? Jesus Fucking Christ lady, what in bloody hell are you talking about? its cases like these that makes the legal system stink of the worst filth the judicial system is infamous for. Four bloody minutes is not forever. Besides, if you were rushing to go wouldn't be liesurely going to the movies now would you? Would you? Didn't think so. Evanston has had its mad share of annoying pricks but this just puts a cap on the bottle. Quite refreshing, really, that stupid people always seems to set themselves apart from the crowd of people who don't take life as seriously. It saves blokes like me the trouble of looking for their lame asses so I can easily pelt them with silver dollars with glee.

Posted by: Mic at February 27, 2003 9:30 AM