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February 17, 2003

We Like It Here

Posted by Mike on February 17, 2003 11:22 AM

"A Tale of Three Cities" is a Seattlite's look at Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC. It focuses on the transportation and commercial development in each, and glosses over some parts of Portland living our local indy media are happy to detail, but it catches things I've noticed after 18 months here and gets it right when it says our downtown is comfortable. The writer's whining about how screwed-up Seattle is distracts a little.

My favorite parts of Portland right now are the downtown-bound buses that hit the stop a block from my house every ten minutes and the fact that if I decide to take a car, I can avoid the two highways running through town to get wherever I want to go in town. It doesn't hurt that we're ten blocks from a good-sized grocery store and a block away from a well-stocked mom-n-pop.