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March 23, 2003

And Yet More Woe

Posted by Mike on March 23, 2003 6:34 PM

So, five days after taking the iBook into the shop and resigning myself to a few days with Mr. Gates' XP, the Windows machine decides it's time to follow the iBook into the Great Beyond, evidently not realizing that I built it myself and enjoy no warranty support on it. So we're down to two functional machines in the house, one of which is an aging Pentium II with an ancient Red Hat release on it, the other being our server. After a brief sojourn with Win XP, I'm getting reacquainted with GNOME until the iBook comes back.

A sign of how dire the IT situation is becoming here: I dusted off the Tandy WP-2 and made sure it's able to send files via a null modem cable to at least one of the machines in the house. If it dies, there's always the Model 100 waiting in reserve. After that, I give up and go back to typewriters and carrier pigeons.