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May 20, 2003

Cascading Crap Shoots

Posted by Mike on May 20, 2003 10:11 PM

Update: Well, the problem turned out to be Safari hating the "z index" attribute, which the folks who built the "3 column" part of my stylesheet (sensibly) included to deal with the potential for overlapping elements in really narrow displays. It's a nice thought on their part, but I'm leaving it out for now. If you have problems with the way the page looks, please adjust the width of your browser window to greater than, oh, 450 px. :-)

Moved the site over, momentarily, to a three column design I adapted from Blue Robot. Discovered, to my deep dismay, that, under Safari, the links in the right column weren't clickable, nor was the content in that column selectable. If anyone feels like taking a look, the page built on that design been moved out of the way and the stylesheet is still in place. Since the design works in everything else I threw at it (that'd be Explorer 5 for Mac, Explorer 6 for Win32, a recent Mozilla nightly, and Camino), I'm inclined to call it a Safari bug, and I filed it as such with Apple, but any insight's appreciated.