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June 20, 2003

Fighting Fox with Fox

Posted by Phil on June 20, 2003 5:04 PM

As far as I'm concerned, there's no epithet foul enough for the Fox "News" Network. I believe that everyone associated with their crimes against journalism and American political discourse will one day smoke a turd in purgatory, with crueler torments awaiting a few individuals whose names I need not spell here. However, because its programs are such a distasteful mix of laziness, ignorance, dishonesty, pandering, and irresponsible rabble-rousing, I can't stand to actually watch it long enough to mount an informed case against it.

But this fellow Dale Steinrich apparently can.


It's too bad Dale seems to have a real problem with women.

Posted by: * at June 24, 2003 4:31 PM

Yeah, plus he's self-aggrandizing, not that articulate, and more than a little twitchy. All that plus the fact that he has so much time to watch Fox probably explains why he's got a beef with the ladies. I just didn't want to say all that in a post with a link to his site.

Posted by: pk at June 24, 2003 9:37 PM