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June 9, 2003

Set Your Sights on the Tastiest Prey

Posted by Mike on June 9, 2003 9:21 PM

After years and years of hanging out at the catalog counter of indy record shops, listening to frustrating "yeah, dude, I saw that one, like, two months ago" recollections of sightings, and a futile attempt to piece together a copy from gnutellla (yes . . . I was driven to attempt violation of someone else's IP), I finally own my own CD of Beware Records' Wavy Gravy: For Adult Enthusiasts.


Shoutout to the kick-ass folks at Crypt Records who shipped me their last copy.

I think I can rest now.


So, you know my pain. I too have visited many a tightly-packed, grimy "Various Artists" section to no avail. I can only imagine the joy of hearing the sweet sound of "His Name Is Jesus" emanating from one's very own hi-fi. I wonder how Ben will remember it in thirty years or so.

Posted by: KJ at February 23, 2004 5:18 PM