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August 30, 2003

Another Mystery Solved

Posted by Mike on August 30, 2003 5:47 AM

Looks like WIRED has figured out what that time travel spam was all about:

"A trail of Internet clues has fingered Robert 'Robby' Todino as the source of the time-travel messages. In a telephone interview last week, the 22-year-old Woburn, Massachusetts, resident admitted that he has sent nearly 100 million of the bizarre messages since November 2001.

"'It almost feels worthless now because the people who are monitoring my every move always seem to win. But it's the only form of communication I have right now,' Todino said.

"His father, Robert Todino Sr., worries that malicious users have preyed on Robby's 'psychological problems' and bilked him out of money."