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August 19, 2003

Flight Note

Posted by Mike on August 19, 2003 8:06 PM

I took a short trip to Northern Michigan over the weekend. I thought I'd be in for a world of hurt at the security gates, where they're supposed to be getting tough on electronics: I've got a PDA, a cellphone, the iBook, and my GPS receiver.

As it was, I sailed through each time. The only thing I was truly careful about was taking off my belt before the gate, and I was wearing Tevas so there was nothing to set off the metal detectors and provoke a frisking.


Going through O'Hare airport, on the other hand, involved literally running from terminal three to terminal one to make a connection my baggage didn't make.

I was sitting on the dock at Little Traverse Lake admiring a very orange moon and a very red Mars when it caught up to me via a delivery dude with a sedan stuffed full of lost luggage pulling up the drive about 10:30 that night. No such bad luck on the return trip, and I was pleased as ever to have the guy at the parking lot booth tell me "welcome home." The in-laws' cottage in Michigan is nice, but it's always good to be back in Portland.