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September 27, 2003

Various fixes in

Posted by Phil on September 27, 2003 8:54 AM

Many will have already come across this, but this needs airing on every street corner. Josh Marshall has details on New Bridge Strategies, a den of GOP operators with the connections businesses need to get hooked up in the New Iraq. Former RNC chair (and current Mississippi gubernatorial candidate) Haley Barbour and Bush right hand Joe Allbaugh are ready to help right-thinking Americans bring the mom'n'pop to Baghdad. You might slip their number to your unemployed neighbor. Lots of opportunities for cafes, ice cream parlors, video stores--whatever isn't already in the bag for Halliburton.

Go, read, follow his links. Marshall also has news that the CIA has asked Ashcroft's Justice Dept. to investigate the White House's revenge outing of the CIA wife of former ambassador Joseph Wilson. Josh's record on Iraq isn't clean enough for some libs (he agreed that Saddam was bad), but the dude is smart, connected, and on our side.