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December 19, 2003

RotK Note

Posted by Mike on December 19, 2003 11:30 PM

Spent Wednesday afternoon standing in line for or watching "Return of the King" on the Lloyd Center big screen. It rocked my world, and it was worth the wait. I think more writing energy is going to keeping up with or thinking about what I'm reading on scoop, so I doubt I'll have much to say about the movie here. This is from a recent scoop mail, though, and pretty much sums it up for me:

I think of the reviews I've read, I most like Andrew O'Hehir's [watch the ad, it's a good review], which called the movie(s) "the grandest and most delicate of pop spectacles." It has heart and a fundamental sweetness that makes Tom Cruise grimace-smirking through "The Last Samurai" or the Wachowski Bros. tossing CG kung-fu sock puppets around in a rainstorm look like barkers for tinny side-show diversions sweating too hard under their pancake. I don't imagine there'll be too many more trips to the cineplex for me in the next while, but "Return of the King" left me buzzed enough to not really care.


"...he has merely made the grandest and most delicate of pop spectacles, an epic that is heroic but almost never grandiose, a story of war that understands that within every great victory there lies a kind of defeat."

Amen, brother.

I saw it this afternoon. I can't believe it's over. At the very least, there's one more DVD set to look forward to.

Posted by: Cristina at December 21, 2003 12:47 AM