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January 2, 2004

I, Misanthrope

Posted by Mike on January 2, 2004 11:17 AM

Wednesday afternoon, Michael and his out-of-town friend Darren (he's a lawyer and he's responsible for handling some of the RIAA suits against file sharers in the midwest) stopped by to pick up a package Michael had shipped to my house so Sue wouldn't see it. (It was her birthday present.)

We spent some time talking about the virtues of shopping online:

Darren: Yeah... I totally got my shopping done in 80 minutes on Amazon this year.

Me: Oh... right... buying MP3 players for all those underprivileged kids.

Then I got launched into my whole "With my espresso maker and a wireless access point I don't need to go to coffee shops" rant, ending with "What the hell do they have that I don't have here?"

Michael: People. They have people you can interact with.

Darren: And the outdoors. You can go outside to get there.

Me: I don't care about the people. I'm ignoring them. And I check my mail each day. I have to lean out the door to do that.

Later, on further reflection...

O.k. I'll admit it. I'd think going to coffee shops to hang out would be much cooler if I had someone to hang out with, like Ed and Nate do.