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February 20, 2004


Posted by Mike on February 20, 2004 3:50 PM

Less time for writing, less will to play echo chamber, and a dollop of constructive laziness have led me to make the blogmarks page a little more developed.

You can get at them via the sidebar, as has been the case for the past month or so, but the stuff driving the blogmark list has been fleshed out enough to make it worth pointing out:

And so the circle is complete. My first regular blogstop lo these many years ago was Robot Wisdom (now, sadly in a state of neglect while Jorn's off working stuff out) which made the post-9/11 warblogger boom seem a little strange to me: My first concept of weblogging was more what people have taken to calling blogmarking or linkrolling or linkfarming. But the "pundit for a day" form is what caught the merry-go-round, and the humble linkfarm had to await rebirth as an adjunct feature once some of the less chatty cathys finally ran out of stuff to carry on about. Plus this approach didn't fit in with Puddingtime!'s layout.

Anyhow: There it is, or not.