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February 21, 2004

Roy Gets a New Home

Posted by Mike on February 21, 2004 11:20 PM

Tomorrow morning Dad and I will drive out to somewhere past Scappoose and deliver Cat Roy to his new home. The presence of a new baby brought some of Roy's previously "almost intolerable" traits to the fore, so we've found him a new home (Roy, that is. We're keeping the baby.)

Fortunately, his new digs will include an owner willing to keep him indoors for a while until he can adjust, then he'll have an outbuilding with some heat to sleep in once he becomes an outdoor cat full time.

Scappoose being well outside my normal ranging, I stuck the coordinates to his new home in ExpertGPS so I could get an aerial view of where I'm headed, and that provided the added relief of noting it's pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. On the phone today, the adopter even told me that if I got lost I'd have to backtrack a mile or so to get back under cellular coverage. If you've got to take a psychotic cat to a new home with a lot of outdoor time in the picture, that seems about the right kind of place to do it.