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July 24, 2004

Pears, Buckwheat, Age

Posted by Mike on July 24, 2004 10:45 AM

Ben is six months old today. He got an early jump on the celebrating yesterday, when he was fed his very first baby food that isn't rice cereal: Pears mixed with whole grain cereal meant to fix some binding that the rice cereal seemed to introduce. He's really digging the solid food when we give it to him. He periodically loses all control and tries to bite the bowl we're feeding him from.

Not a lot of time right now to reflect on this milestone except to note that, overall, we're worrying about milestones less and less. Ben's growing, he seems awake to the world in a way he wasn't three months ago, and he's as happy as we can help him be when we aren't pissing him off, which we're still pretty good at now and then.

We spend less and less time worrying about whether he's "where he's supposed to be," I guess, and more time enjoying him. Nothing seems to stay the same for more than a week, from which words he thinks are funny ("brown spike" and "butt cream" don't entertain nearly as much as "pants" and "banana" seem to lately) to what he thinks of the stroller (pleasant, nap-inducing or horrific death ride).

Other than that, what else to say? He's the little dude and we love him.

Happy birthday, Ben.