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July 31, 2004


Posted by Mike on July 31, 2004 12:23 PM

Update: There's a super luxury edition of this here. No extra downloads: Should "just work" out of the box.

Here's a significantly pared down version of voodoo2palm. It doesn't do a few things (like clean up after itself... look for a folder named pluck_{name of your voodoopad} in Documents and trash it once it's done unless you could use a HTML export for some other reason. What it does do is make a Palm-readable version of your VoodooPad in which you can navigate using the hyperlinks. You can't edit the pad, but at least you can take it with you in a readable format that's not on an iPod.

It depends on the Plucker Distiller being put in the Applications folder (you can edit the script to change that location fairly easily). It also doesn't make any assumptions on how you plan to go about putting the document in your Palm... it just plops a distilled, Plucker Viewer-ready item on your Desktop. Double-clicking it will probably kick off whatever installation process you've got.

Greek to you? Visit the Plucker site to get oriented.

Todo: cleaning up after itself, packaging PluckerDistiller up so it can be installed in the correct place and save the user a few steps, figure out why bullet characters are mangled in Plucker, ambitious stuff I dare not mention in public now that I've had a chance to see what XCode and Interface Builder are capable of.

--Open this script in a new Script Editor window.

-- This AppleScript uses the freely available Plucker application to make a Palm-readable version of a given VoodooPad.

-- To use it, you need the Plucker Distiller, which is available at
-- Once you've downloaded the distiller, unpack it and put the directory "PyPlucker" in your Applications folder

-- To use this script, put it somewhere easy to find and drag a VooodooPad onto it. It will convert the pad into HTML in a folder named "pluck_{name of the pad}" in your Documents folder, and it will then use Plucker to convert that HTML into a Palm-readable plucker document it places on your desktop. For most Palm users, double-clicking on the document will queue it up for the next HotSync

on open what
    tell application "VoodooPad"
        open what
        --leave these alone
        set padName to name of document 1 as string
        set pluckName to "pluck_" & padName
        set pluckDir to POSIX path of (((path to documents folder) as string) & pluckName) as string
        set pluckIndex to pluckDir & "/index.html" as string
        --next two might need to be edited if you put Plucker distiller somewhere besides your Application directory
        set PluckerDir to (((path to applications folder) as string) & "PyPlucker") as string
        set PluckerApp to POSIX path of (PluckerDir & "") as string
        --set this to any command line arguments you want
        --"stayonhost" ensures the plucker spider doesn't local files
        -- More arguments available by running ' --help'
        set PluckerArgs to ("--bpp=16 --stayonhost")
        tell application "Finder"
                make new folder at folder "Documents" of home with properties {name:(pluckName) as string}
            end try
        end tell
        export document 1 as HTML to pluckDir
        do shell script ("/usr/bin/python " & PluckerApp & " " & PluckerArgs & " -f " & quoted form of (POSIX path of (path to desktop) & "/" & padName) & " -H " & quoted form of pluckIndex)
    end tell
end open