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October 21, 2004

'Tis the Season

Posted by Mike on October 21, 2004 12:00 AM

I had a pretty static collection of blogs in NetNewsWire right up until a few weeks ago, when I started noticing the slow creep of political sites back into the mix.

I'm pretty happy with the plain old blogroll on the front page sidebar, but it seemed appropriate to toss up a seasonal roll that at least points to where I'm spending more time lately. It'll come down as soon as the Supreme Court decides who the next president is, some time in 2006.

No claims to balance, utility, or usefulness. It's just what I've been reading that's over and above what I normally read. Suggestions welcome in the mode of "I see you like x, try y."

I know: "Andrew Sullivan? Eew." But I'm reading him, so he goes in.


I don't see any "x" entries to consider for "y" recommendations, here, Michael. The link goes to Ranchero and not to a link of what you're currently reading. How-to?

Posted by: Carl Caputo at October 22, 2004 2:11 AM

Hey, Carl,

Should've been clearer: I was referring to the blogroll in the sidebar on the front page of the site. I should probably clarify for people coming in through something other than the front page.

Or I guess I can just point to the raw file.

Posted by: mph at October 22, 2004 7:13 AM

Oof. I paged through the top half of the list, Michael, and I gotta say, I prob'ly can't recommend much in the "if you like x, try y" department. Most of these x's are of sorts I mostly don't attend to. Bérubé's site had a funny post where Bush retroactively strips the Red Sox of their comeback glory; Juan Cole is very smart but I can't take it for very long; I've read Brad DeLong on occasion before and always mean to keep up with him and end up not doing it; and your tolerance of or interest in these survey sites far exceeds mine, I guess.

Some indication of my interests can be got at my Furl archive, although it's not really representative, since I don't use it enough to have coherent snapshots yet. One day. Big-ass searchable histories . . . mmm. That's what I like, Mick.

Posted by: Carl Caputo at October 22, 2004 5:51 PM