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January 6, 2003

But It Is! Smooth.

Posted by Mike on January 6, 2003 8:42 AM

Apropos yesterday's notes about Internet Explorer's speed and apparent hatred of basic handshaking, Michael B. dropped this line after I lamented to him that the information provided was for Internet Explorer 5:

Our intranet site runs on an ISS server, and I just happen to have a packet sniffer... So I fired it up, set up a filter to capture any TCP/UDP traffic coming or going from my IP, and did a web-request with IE6.

It turns out that Microsoft does indeed stay to the standards:

client  -> server       SYN (SEQ 1)                                             
server  -> client       ACK (SEQ 1) SYN (SEQ 2)                                 
client  -> server       ACK (SEQ 2) *Handshake Complete*                        
client  -> server       HTTP_GET...                                             

Client MSIE 6.0
Server Microsoft ISS 5.0

Time, I suppose, to go off and get outraged over something else.


Network World Fusion has this article, dated 01/03/2003:
which is basically just a link to the 'blog you referenced.

There are already two replies saying, "um, no." The network makes the spread information fast, no matter if it is true or not! (smile)

Posted by: Michael P. Burton at January 6, 2003 8:54 AM