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January 5, 2003

Catch Me If You Can

Posted by Mike on January 5, 2003 11:22 PM

Catch Me If You Can, coupled with Gangs of New York goes a long way toward improving my mood toward Leonardo DiCaprio.

It's a very simple movie that doesn't do anything more than tell the story of Frank Abagnale, a teenager who managed to impersonate an airline pilot, lawyer, and doctor while writing millions in bad checks and trotting around the globe. The parts that work (most of the time) are the outstanding period-piece visuals (the movie's set in the '60s), the pace (which stays sprightly most of the way through), and the sense that even if you hate Spielberg as part of some sort of counter-populist backlash, he's good at setting up a shot and telling a story. Tom Hanks is pretty good, and Christopher Walken is as entertaining as ever.

What doesn't work, as much as it's odd for me to complain about a movie's length, is probably the running time. It's not a two hour and twenty minute movie and it could have been wrapped up more quickly. That's the breaks. It's a pleasant ride all the same, especially if you're a fan of con men and quick-thinking protagonists.