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January 15, 2004

Ducks in 20 Seconds

Posted by Mike on January 15, 2004 11:36 PM

"Ducks in 20 Seconds" promises nothing more than ducks in 20 seconds. Plus a few crossfades. That's all we were out for this evening. Ducks and crossfades.

"Ducks in 20 Seconds" (1.87MB, Quicktime)


Aw, I was so excited to see a link to my site in my referrer logs, but it would seem that I am a jackass. :(

I don't think all blogs suck, and I don't think mine is all that great either. I'm just in the habit of checking out the "recently updated" sites on Blogger, and I'm so often disappointed by what I see that I guess I've turned into a bitter young man.

Hey! You kids! Get off my blog!

Posted by: nate at January 17, 2004 7:08 PM