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January 17, 2004

Sick Cat

Posted by Mike on January 17, 2004 9:33 PM

Cat Roy suffers from periodic urinary obstructions. The vet told us the best thing for him would be Perineal Urethrostomy, which "provides a permanent shorter and wider opening in the urethra of male cats to prevent episodes of urinary tract obstruction."

In other words, neutering wasn't the end of the road for outrages to Roy's genitalia.

He's wandering around the house with what the article calls an "elizabethan collar," but he mainly looks like a mutant cyborg kitty. And he bumps into things a lot.


That picture's not the best, but it's what I could pull off the footage. A documentary is forthcoming.


Our cat had to get one of those collars when she had stiches put in after getting attacked by a stray. It was funny and sad at the same time; funny in the way animals running into things are funny, and sad in the way seeing a creature you love so helpless and pathetic is sad.

These days she spends most of her time in the garage, since she seems to have acquired a taste for peeing everywhere but her litterbox (beds, couches, heating vents, shoes, etc.).

Posted by: nate at January 17, 2004 11:27 PM

It's pretty sad, alright. It's a good thing our older cat is just leaving him alone instead of getting even for past slights.

Posted by: mph at January 18, 2004 12:44 AM

Oh, and though it wasn't necessary, thanks for removing that "jackass" link. Sometimes I come across that way when I don't mean to; I'm sure one of these days I'm going to learn the whole "think before your speak/write/act" lesson the hard way. :)

Posted by: nate at January 18, 2004 1:51 AM